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F- DOPA precursor



Radiosynthesis description:


Reaction scheme


In the radiosynthesis 18F2 adds selectively across Sn-C bond; hydriodic acid removes all protecting groups.1, 2


1.         Namavari, M., Bishop, A., Satyamurthy, N., Bida, G. & Barrio, J. R. Regioselective Radiofluorodestannylation with [F-18] F2 and [F-18] CH3COOF - a High-Yield Synthesis of 6-[F-18]Fluoro-L-Dopa. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 43 [8], 989-996 (1992).

2.         Namavari, M., Satyamurthy, N., Phelps, M. E. & Barrio, J. R. Synthesis of 6-[F-18] and 4-[F-18]Fluoro-L-M-Tyrosines Via Regioselective Radiofluorodestannylation. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 44 [3], 527-536 (1993).